A nifty little starter pack, all centered around the aroma and benefits of lavender.

Includes - 

3 x 10ml roller balls. 1 x 10ml with Lavender and Peppermint, 1 x 10ml with Lavender and Sweet Orange and 1 x 10ml withLavender, Cedarwood, rosemary and helichrysum for something a little different!

2 x 50g Bath Salts. 1 x 50g with lavender, citrus and geranium which is floral and uplifting and 1 x 50g with lavender, cedarwood, rosemary and helichrysum, this one is manly with a bit of a punch! Both grounding, healing and renewing, perfect to destress with.


1 x 50g natural deodorant - lavender based, and packed with other goodies.

Stress No More - Lavender Starter Kit




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